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My Doggies Bag™ 

A discreet way to carry your dog’s private business.

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Trims Available

Current trims that are available.

All of My Doggies Bag™ are designed by me and hand sewn by a local Southern California company. The bags are made with cotton denim and are hand washable.

The bags are approximately 7″ wide x 8″ long.

There are several trims to choose from, please see the photo for your option choices. Be aware some of the trims are unique and may be unavailable in the future, so if you see a trim you like you need to by it now.

What is included with My Doggies Bag: 1 plastic container w/poop bags. A carabiner to attach to the leash handle.

You may need a rubber band to secure the carabiner in place.

The bag consists of a zippered center compartment where you store your dogs bagged & tied private business.
The front trimmed compartment has a 1″ square Velcro closure to help secure items such as a small collapsible water dish, a few wipes, or treats, or whatever you might need for your walk.
The back side has 3 smaller sections, the center is where the leash passes through, so to keep it from swinging. Another is to hold the dog bag dispenser. And the last is for smaller items such as spare poop bags or even animal deterrent spray. It has Velcro on one side, to help secure the Velcro grip on some spray canisters, or other items you might have that have a Velcro grip.


I have found the best leash to use My Doggies Bag with are those with either a ring that is between the handle and the lead or a leash that has a D-ring sewn in place on the lead near the handle.