San Diego Union-Tribune 3-21-2020 article by Joan Morris

Carry Away! Picking up after dog is only half a task.

Q:  I am writing to ask for your help to bring an issue to the attention of the general public.  The issue is dog poop bags left on hiking trails.  I have not seen this issue being addressed anywhere.

  I posted on my neighborhood bulletin board asking people not to leave the bags on the trail.  I’m happy that they cleaned up after their dog, but then they leave the bag on the side of the trail.

  I know they have the intention of retrieving it on the return trip, but alas, they must get distracted by the birds, the flowers or the phone, or they cannot find the spot where they have left it, or they’ve have taken an unplanned detour as the spirit might have moved them. 

  So, to the dog walkers, I have a favor to ask.  I would like you to carry the bag with you while you walk.  If you think “Ew! I don’t want to carry it with me,” think how other walkers feel when they come upon a bag that has been torn apart by other animals.

  If you don’t like to carry the poop bag in your hands, may I suggest that you bring a small carrying bag – a fanny pack works as well- with you and put that offending bag in it.  You can also tie it to the leash.  I wouldn’t be surprised if there are designer bags for this purpose.  Fashionable celebrities need to clean up after their dogs, too.

  Your conscience will be clear because you know you have packed it out.

A:  I do wonder what people are thinking when they just drop the bag and walk away, especially when they drop it in my yard.  So yes, thanks for cleaning up, but even if you’re using biodegradable bags, they need to be disposed of in the trash.

My Doggies Bag comments… Yes this is why I designed and am selling My Doggies Bags.  Please be responsible, Pick up, Carry out and Properly dispose.

Special Offer

We are attending SuperZoo in Las Vegas August 20-22. We are offering all customers that order from August 18 through August 24, 2019 the following special that will be included with your order. 1-collapsible water bowl and 2 extra rolls of poop bags. Go to “Shop Now” and click on the link to Etsy to place your order. And all orders that ship within the US will ship free.

Traveling to SuperZoo

Imagine, starting a business to get pet owners to pick up after their dog by providing a discreet yet attractive bag, or as some say purse for you and your dog.

Now you get told you must go the SuperZoo event in Las Vegas.

So off we go, with Howard in tow to walk the floor of SuperZoo for the very first time this August.

I’m so hoping I get to meet a lot of people that have similar stories as mine.

Trials and Tribulations of starting a website.

Me at La Posada IMG_20181016_140249756_HDR  It’s hard watching mom try to get her website the way she wants it.  People are trying to help her, but I think she decided that it was time for her to take charge of it.  So here I am sitting at her feet trying not to be in her way.. ok, but I really needed to have my dinner, so I did bark quite a bit to get here to take care of me.  She did feed me, and now she is typing again.  I just wanted everyone to know she is working hard on this website so you can learn all about My Doggies Bag.  I know having a My Doggies Bag has made our walks a lot more pleasant, especially when she stops and talks with a friend, or a fellow dog walker.  My private business, is truly private.

Check out the pic of me and my dad from our road trip to see fall colors in the North East.  See how discreet My Doggies Bag is.  Oh and a side note, La Posada is in Winslow, Arizona, and yes they are pet friendly.  They were happy to see us and wanted to pet me too.  I just love trips with my family.