My mom started her quest to make a doggie bag for me. Ok that is what she told me..

But I know it was for her to discreetly carry my doggie waste.  She tried so many ideas since 2008 with my brother and her furry friend Harper. And now she has continued with me, Howard. I do hope I can fill Harpers paw pads.

Her idea was always there, “How to have everything needed to pick up my poop and then dispose of it when we were at a refuse bin but not tell the world what she was carrying around”.  She hated having to hold my leash in one hand while carrying my waste bag in her other.   Now we never have that issue. Oh and we have even seen people tie their dogs waste bag to the dogs leash where it was attached at the collar.  That’s awful and I know I don’t want poopoo that close to my nose.

Now here I am in 2018, watching my mom’s dream of the perfect doggie bag become a reality and taking it to the people.

My mom’s motto is “I am responsible, I pick up, carry out and properly dispose”.  Yes she is really over the top in not wanting my  mess to be someone else’s problem.  And yes there are a lot of people just like her out there.