Howard had a accident

Update: Howard has since passed, A very sad day in late November 2020.

Besides dealing with Covid, in March Howard was playing ball in the yard and jumped high to try and catch his ball in the air. He ended up landing on his back and ending up in the emergency room. Doctor said surgery was the best option after she viewed the MRI. We agreed and handed over our credit card. The doctor said he should be able to walk again, but might walk with a sway and run like a rabbit.

Here we are 6 months later and Howard is still the loving and playful dog we adopted in 5 years ago. He doesn’t care that he isn’t perfect in his walk or run. He loves visiting his neighbors and getting tummy rubs, getting stroller walks through the neighborhood, and going to the beach and begging his friends there for food.

What I learned was that I’m glad we had pet insurance for him. I had purchased it just a year ago and I have to say thank God I did. A few words about the company I had chosen, Healthypaws pet insurance. The team was amazing. Whenever I called them they always asked how Howard was doing and we would talk about our pets, Covid, family. Everyone I spoke with made me feel like family. They are covering 80% of all his bills. The surgery and his physical therapy. Yes dog too can get physical therapy. We chose Tasvo’s in Escondido. Maja is patient with us, and she cares about injured dogs and works hard to rehabilitate them. Thanks to her Howard is improving. And yes there is homework for us too. We have exercises we do with him daily.

What is hard is that he still isn’t perfect in knowing when to pee or poop. Both the doctor and Maja say it can still improve, and it has a lot from the first month. He no longer had to wear a diaper, we just have to make sure he gets outside to do his business more often. I have learned how to express a dogs bladder which after you learn the technique isn’t hard. and everyday Howard improves just a little more. We, ok I, get excited when as he does a walk and pee he stops and balances himself and lifts his leg just a bit to finish. Yes it’s the small things, but time is on our side. Howard is young and we have more time to help him with his recovery.

If you have a story to tell about your dog or pet, please share it. I would love to hear from you.

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